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Research at the Hovey Lake site in 2003-2005 is supported by: a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) under the Transportation Enhancement Program, Indiana University, and private contributions. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) administers the TE grant. Also contributing to the research project are: Indiana Geological Survey, Indiana University - Bloomington Department of Anthropology, the Indiana State Museum, University of Southern Indiana, University of Evansville, Indiana State University, and community groups and volunteers.


IU-Bloomington Anthropology Dept.
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Gallery: Artifacts
Some images can be made larger by clicking on them!

Ceramic human effigy head probably once attached to a bowl
(Block 1, 1997, photograph courtesy of the Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology).
Similar human effigy bowls have been found at the nearby Murphy and Slack Farm sites.


Jar rim fragment with incised decoration; Beckwith Incised
(from refuse-filled, abandoned house basin in Block 3).


One of two fragmentary Caborn-Welborn Decorated jars
found in a small pit near the bank of the lake, Block 2.


A similar Caborn-Welborn Decorated jar fragment from the same pit.


Excavation of a house basin and floor in Block 2 revealed a complete hoe made from Dover chert. The lower right side shows removal of flakes to resharpen the bit which had been dulled by use and polish.

Polished hoe-resharpening flakes of various cherts.

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